Minding the Gap: Using Multiple Brain Integration Techniques: Coaching Head, Heart and Gut for Emergent Wisdom

Christine Adames

Christine Adames is an Accredited Enneagram Practitioner and mbit Master coach. She works with individuals, teams and organisations providing coaching and change management services, with a focus on owner/directors of SMEs as well as the charity/voluntary sector. Her business based programmes focus on leadership coaching, implementing change and team building.


Her private practice as a coach and therapist has a focus on personal growth work and grief recovery. She specialises in career and mid-life transition and addressing the physical and emotional challenges that prevent growth. She is also an Accredited Journey Practitioner, a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and an NLP Master Practitioner.


Whether working with business or personal clients, the Enneagram informs how she facilitates coaching dialogues which synthesise and integrate leading-edge modalities such as mBIT, NLP and Journey work. Christine is very excited that emerging neuroscience is now confirming so much of what she has learned and practiced over the past 20 years.


Christine has been working with the Enneagram since 2004 and has completed the Enneagram Institute’s professional training programme. She is an ongoing student of the Enneagram and regularly attends workshops, retreats and online courses with teachers such as Tom Condon, Russ Hudson and Urânio Paes.