9 Rhythms – Dancing the Enneagram Cycle of Change

Eric Lyleson

Eric Lyleson, Psychologist (Sonoma State University, California), is in private practice providing individual, marital and family therapy, as well as teaching mindfulness meditation and facilitating Systemic Family Constellations. Eric has presented at three IEA conferences in the U.S. and was the keynote speaker at the South Australia Enneagram Conference. He has completed Enneagram training with Palmer-Daniels (Narrative Tradition), Lawrence Grazious and Eli Jaxon-Bear. Eric has taught the Enneagram and Ericksonian Hypnosis throughout Australia. He lectured at the Australian College of Applied Psychology in counseling, psychotherapy, family therapy and psychopathology.


He is author of Essential Wholeness: Integral Psychotherapy, Spiritual Awakening, and the Enneagram (an integration of many psychotherapeutic modalities and spiritual methods that serve as a guide for transformational conversations).