Enneagram Prison Project (EPP): The Collective Work of Scaling a Vision

Laura Valtonen

Presentation with Susan Olesek

Laura Valtonen​ is a certified Enneagram teacher in the Narrative Tradition and the current president of IEA Finland, an official affiliate of IEA. She also a member of the board of The Enneagram Association in the Narrative Tradition. She has a degree in social sciences from the University of Helsinki. Under the auspices of HelsinkiMissio, a social non-profit organization, she has launched the Enneagram Prison Project in Finland in 2016 as EPP's first international affiliate. Laura, mother of two, lives in Helsinki. In addition to teaching in prison and developing EPP Finland, she teaches the narrative curriculum as part of a team, as well as teaching the Enneagram in other settings.