The Enneagram of Experiences

Luca Giorgetti

I was born to an Italian father and a Finnish mother in 1987. I lived and live right now in Gambettola, a small town near Bologna, in northern Italy. I’m very excited about the idea of bridging my two homelands through the Enneagram.


I’ve been studying the Enneagram of Personality since 2011. My passion for the subject led me to write a book published by MacroEdizioni in 2016: Enneagram, the Nine inhabitants of Earth (available in Italian as Enneagramma, i Nove Abitanti della Terra) with the purpose of integrating the Enneagram of Personality with the knowledge Gurdjieff brought to Europe in the early 20th century.


I’m a member of A.I.E. (Associazione Italiana Enneagramma). Through this association I took part in a lot of classes with famous Enneagram presenters such as Tom Condon and Catherine Fauvre.


I use the Enneagram of Personality daily in my work as Pharmacist, Holistic Operator and Presenter. I’m leading a few self-development groups.


I integrate the Enneagram of Personality with medicine and other systems such Spagyric medicine, Gurdjieff Movements and more. I’m the President of E.N.PA.CO. (National institution for associated professions of counselors and holistic operators).


And I’m a Nine.