The Power to Change through Gurdjieff Movements: Personal Growth through Body Wisdom

Marta Molinotti

Presentation with Annamaria Squarciapino

Marta Molinotti is a recognized teacher of Enneagram courses (Module A and B) by the A.I.E. (Associazione Italiana Enneagramma), and has been imparting courses of the Enneagram and works of analysis together with Annamaria Squarciapino in several Italian places. She is member of the Board of Directors of the A.I.E. since 2010.


She has attended Enneagram workshops and courses given by Arnaldo Pangrazzi, Andrea Isaacs, Richard Rohr, Russ Hudson, Tom Condon, Taato Gomez, Maria Jesus Balbas. She received a diploma in Theater-Therapy of Training School of Theater therapy in Monza (MI) under direction of dr. Walter Orioli with thesis about “Intersection between theater and physics: a subset of theater therapy”, work published in the book Theater as therapy by Walter Orioli, Macro Edizioni 2001. She promotes courses and laboratories of Theater-Therapy in several Italian places combining the wisdom of the Enneagram with the Gurdjieff Movements. She is experienced in the coordination of family groups and acts as a group leader inside self-help groups of Ce.I.S. (drug addicts’ community) in Ravenna. She attends movement schools directed by Satyam Shurta Annalisa Fasan, teacher of sacred dances of Gurdjieff, and Ben Bennett, son of J.G. Bennett. She teaches Gurdjieff Movements to groups in workshops, courses, seminars, talks or trainings.