The Enneagram and Somatic Movement: Embodiment Is Not What You Think

Maura Amelia Bonanno

Cultural anthropologist, Counsellor, Somatic movement facilitator. Over 30 years fully and passionately involved in personal and spiritual growth and human development. In the Enneagram field, I’m an Enneagram Institute Authorised Teacher, trained in Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition, Enneagram in Business, Enneamotion and I’m accredited by the IEA since 2009.


In the somatic area I’m researching access to embodied knowing, drawing from many somatic traditions: I’m experienced in classical and contemporary dance and trained in Bioenergetic, Dance therapy, Life moves, Body Mind Centering, Expression Primitive. I offer Enneagram and somatic movement workshops and one to one sessions in different contexts: communities, organisations, counselling schools, theatre schools.