Working with Our Resistance, Suffering, Pain and Fear: An Introduction to One-Pointed Expanded Awareness

Penny Whillans

Dr. Penny Whillans is the Founder and Director of the Canadian Institute for Enneagram Studies (CIES) where she facilitates individual, group and community transitions. She is an accredited Enneagram Teacher and has full professional standing with the IEA accrediting body. She has been researching and teaching the Enneagram for over 20 years. Penny is also a full-time practicing Psychologist who works with individuals who have experienced significant ‘body-changing’ and emotionally changing circumstances that have entered them into a transformation process affecting their self-identity, worldviews and functioning.


Penny has chaired three Canadian Enneagram Conferences, been a frequent speaker at Canadian conferences and a speaker at the IEA (USA) conferences. She teaches approximately five Enneagram workshops each year, and often is a guest speaker. She is known as an enthusiastic teacher and facilitator who examines Enneagram theory and directly applies it to participants’ everyday experiences of their personalities and of their inner nature. Penny also teaches the popular (IEA Programme accredited) Intensive Training on Training the Enneagram Facilitator/Teacher.