Reflecting the Enneagram onto Business: Using Enneagram Lessons to Guide Better Business Decisions and Processes

R. Karl Hebenstreit

Karl’s 20+ year career spans the areas of Human Resources and Organization Development in the clinical diagnostics, life sciences, healthcare, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, professional services, high-tech, and real estate services industries, having worked at Merck, Bellcore, AT&T, Lee Hecht Harrison, Cushman & Wakefield, Kaiser Permanente, EMC², and Bio-Rad Laboratories. His clients range from individual contributors to SVPs being coached in interpersonal effectiveness/EQ, strategic thinking, professional growth/development, team-building, and new leadership role integration. His PhD is in Organizational Psychology from CSPP and his MS is in HR Management from Rutgers. Check out his new book, The How and Why: Taking Care of Business with the Enneagram.