Neuroscience and the Enneagram

Rebecka Bartolomé

Rebecka Bartolomé has 10 years of experience as a professional coach, trainer and business consultant. She has been running a business, developing leaders and teams in Sweden since 2007, and cooperated with companies such as SAAB, Volvo, Swisslog, Sigma, Altran Technology, Dr Oetker and many more. All along using the Enneagram as one of the main tools for helping people create better understanding, communication and effectiveness at work. Apart from being a certificated NLP & Enneagram Trainer, Rebecka has an academic degree in Social Science, specializing in communication theory and sociology. She is trained in several coaching methods, such as team coaching, coaching with the Enneagram, Neuroscience & Coaching and Mindfulness practices. Rebecka is an entertaining presenter who passionately shares her experience of successfully implementing the Enneagram in business in the most secular country in the world, with the aim to develop as many proactive and healthy leaders and teams as possible. Rebecka is also the president of IEA Sweden since 2016.