Enneagram Prison Project (EPP): The Collective Work of Scaling a Vision

Susan Olesek

Presentation with Laura Valtonen

Susan Olesek​ is the founder of the ​Enneagram Prison Project (EPP)​, a burgeoning, paradigm-shifting model of self-awareness education for the incarcerated, spreading rapidly across the globe. A “Human Potentialist” and social entrepreneur in pursuit of what’s possible for people, Susan was born outside of Boston and schooled in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and England. She obtained a sociology degree from Occidental College and is certified by two Enneagram training schools: ​Palmer-Daniels​ and Riso-Hudson​. Susan lives in the Santa Cruz mountains with her three children and husband. She teaches to the incarcerated in both jails and prisons and has an Enneagram consulting practice working with Fortune 500 Corporate leaders across the United States.