The Enneagram as a Trojan Horse in Human Communication and Leadership Education

Victoria Ryabukhina

Victoria has taught the modern Enneagram as a part of her ”psychodynamic communication and leadership” program in the Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University (PGUPS) at first for some years in the department of Psychology and Culturology, today is in the department of Economy and Marketing. She has studied the Enneagram theme for long time, tens of years, starting from its ancient history till a Russian Enneagram developer Gurdjieff and his followers, and so on. The Russian Authors’ Association granted author’s rights to Victoria Ryabukhina concerning the method called ”Psychodynamic communication – Enneagram” in 2007. Her academic thesis in 2008: ”Human communication as subject of philosophical and cultural analysis”, contains also the modern Enneagram Theory and personality typology. She has developed her own face to face communication theory and pedagogical method for communication and leadership education, and it relies on the idea of psychodynamics. The course, which is based on those methods, is compulsory for everyone in the master's degree postgraduate studies.