Powerful Conversations to Boost Transformation in 9 Dimensions of Our Personal Complexity

Viviana Trucco

Viviana Trucco, Argentina, graduated in Philosophy and Psychology formed in psycholinguistics. Psychoanalysis, cognitive, systemic approaches. Specialized in anxiety disturbance and trauma EMDR. Enneagram Accredited Teacher/Professional 2011/2017 and researcher. 15 years of working with the Enneagram. Created the method “The Geometry of My Enneagram Identifications” and the computerized tool TEGMI 9D dimensions for personal and organizational applications, setting a Multifocal path of Transformation for atypical Personal Complexity Profiles within the Enneagram System. She works as a clinical and forensic psychologist. She leads workshops on personal and group growth. She leads a Certification Professional Program on her Model TEGMI 9D for Coaches, Counselors, Therapists, Educators, and Managers. She has presented her work in several IEA Conferences: San Francisco 2010, Fort Lauderdale 2011, Madrid 2012, Santiago de Chile 2012, Lisbon 2014, Buenos Aires 2015. She is currently the president of IEA Argentina.